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of these temperatures will increase tomorrow. i will have the forecast coming up. >>vicki: and jerry brown is defending its recent fitness challenge against chris christie. christie referred to the california governor as an old retread. brown challenged christi to a 3 mi. race as well as a chin up in pushup contest. >> he was basically throwing some red meat to the republicans . there is some experience and hopefully there is some wisdom. >> kristi told reporters that brown can have a contest with himself. the governor cited two different bills yesterday aimed at protecting the seat of american computer. >> a rousing ovation from gov. jerry brown where americans in the sikh religion applauded two bills designed to protect religious freedom. for >> america is the result of people coming here from other places. >> one bill would bring a big change to feature text books. >> the second bill would protect against discrimination. the new law goes far beyond the sikh community. >> i represent a lot of seventh-day adventists, i have jewish clients, i have represented mormons, christians and very often,
. supervisor campos: as many of you are aware, last week, our governor, jerry brown was in town for the bill that green light the high-speed rail program. for those of you who have been following this matter, it was a very close vote and in the end, the different parties were able to reach a compromise that brought enough consensus to have enough votes to pass this very important piece of legislation. i was unable to be at the signing ceremony but i want to thank the executive director for representing the authority and i want to recognize commissioner jane kim who was at the event. present were not only the governor but the high-speed authority chairman who were clear about their commitment to bring high-speed rail to the trans bay transit center. i know that commissioner wiener and i have been working to make sure that happens. i also want to note that we have another piece of good news yesterday. we had the deputy administrator for the federal transit administration who was in town to deliver good news for the municipal transportation agency. we are receiving to grants in san francisco --
la suya >>>si vive en el sur de california se realizó una protesta contra jerry brown el alcalde y diversas organizaciones se reunieron en el parque mc arthur >>>se hicieron publicas supuestas agresiónes de alguaciles >>>sus rostros habland de los abusos de los policías de los Ángeles >>>hablamos de patadas de tomar la cabeza un reo y contra la pared >>>golpes que podrían ser letales y denuncias civiles y evidencia >>>ecnontrmao a personas con los ojos tan hinchados que no los pueden abrir >>>no reconocio a su hijo por los golpes >>>primeramente me vio y no me reonocio quien era >>>este es el reporte sobre derechos humanos >>>el golpe contra la cabeza debería tener que ser el ultimo >>>se revelaran loos resultados finales >>>se espera que solo algunos resultados >>>enterese porque cientos de personas decidieron desacerse de sus medicamentes a continuación después de una pausa aue hay de las condiciones del clima >>>seguimos bajo alerta de calor excesivo más adelante ---estudiantes de una preparatoria al sur de california, interpusieron una demanda despÉs de asegurar que fu
brown does not seek reelection. he told the los angeles times that of jerry brown declines " i had every intention of running ". otherwise he will support jerry brown, he will not talk about a u.s. senate run saying that his background is better suited to the governor's office. >> it is been a good day for stocks on wall street in a big way, let's take a look at the big board to see how the dow was doing today, up 212 points, this follows news that the european central bank has a new plan to halt the continent's financial crisis including a pledge to buy government bonds. today amazon announced a new electronic book. the new version has been sold out on the company's web site, the new gadget is called paper white, is back lit and thinner than a magazine. the wi-fi version will sell for $119 and start shipping october 1st. coming up, it was an attitude that almost kept a future neurosciences from finishing school. next, what turned ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion. and it's not letting up anytime soon. at unite
from the sunday talk shows california gov. jerry brown and new jersey gov. chris christie trade barbs. at the republican convention chris christie referred to jerry brown as a retread jerry brown renewed his challenge to a racy and chain up contest >>> of the 74 and a half next month there is some experience and wisdom i got warmed up and i said ok christie i challenge you to a 3 mi. race and try some chain up us and pushups. >>> your saying he's overweight >>> no essentially this old retread can beat you any day of the week >>> christie responded and told reporters: brocken have that contest with himself " >>> if the helicopter got shot down than it was the other helicoptered at dna and photos >>> a mission for the ages the first time a firsthand account of the raid that killed osama bin laden's. one group of california's schoolchildren are skirting state guidelines the trend health officials could put other classmates in danger. >>> things are warming up in the bay area not big-time but looking pretty good for,,,,,,,,, >>> memorial service held this morning to honor public safety me
on a party bus. today, they are celebrating preside the fact that governor jerry brown signed the bill into law. it is called the brett studebaker law. he was three times the legal limit in 2010. the bill now requires that party bus operators ask the person making the reservation if alcohol will be served and if anyone is under 21. they also have to check identification. none of this was required on the night that brett went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. >> i feel happy that something good can come out of something so bad. >> i think it's nicely put. we feel brett's presence quite a bit. we know that brett is smiling down on this day. >> reporter: now they spoke at the family home near the tree house that brett helped his father build. the law allows penalties against the chaperon and driver and company for failing to comply. another bus in july heightened the need for all of this. if anyone underage is caught drinking, the trip is over immediately. the law takes effect in january of 2013. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >>> the east bay private eye case gets back in court t
on the line and dish. >> a bit between jerry brown and chris christie. stanley roberts has more people behaving badly. if >>stanley: put the foothill high school and of pleasanton released this flyer and august alerting parents not to stop in the red zone while dropping of students. in the flyer that even a reference to you could get caught on film and a people behaving badly segment. apparently, some parents did not get the memo were read the flyer. there are two separate zones but many parents to choose to drop their kids off in 50 ft of red zone or in the bus zone. >>stanley: apparently some of the high school administrators did not get the memo or read the flyer either. >> the administrator had a short memory. after i showed her my id from kron4 she's somehow forgot to mention that when she called the police. while shooting this segment the pleasanton police arrived. that was described as a man and one to best with a big camera videotaping kids on campus and refusing to leave. >> not only were parents stopping in the red zone, they were stopping in front of this table lamps and
fono en pantalla >> haciendo llamado al gobernador jerry brown celebran la aprobación del proyecto que dan protecciones laborales a niñeras y personas que protegen a la ancianos >> que el gobernador jerry brown, para nosotros es victoria, causamos historia ya que nunca se le ha reconocido ese trabajo >> el asambleista destaca que la ley no rige para niñeras temporales los soñadores estan a un paso de pedir la licencia de conducir >> ahora solo falta la firma del gobernador que han pedido esta medida >> tuvimos la oportunidad de hablar con los soñadores, dicen que esta legislación es importante para la seguridad de los californianos >> vine aquí cuando tenía dos años >> podrían tener licencia de conducir >> es un derecho para ellos y es un deber para la comunidad tener seguridad >> me ha afectado mucho y tener licencia me podría ayudar >> ella estaba afectada porque decían que para darles licencia se necesitaria una legislación y eso ahora esta cerca >> me siento bien que podremos hacer otras cosas >> pero pese al apoyo demócrata los republicanos dicen que es un riesgo otorgarl
jerry brown, con acta de confianza y exortar a las familias . >> son las letras de una canción pero la letra espero que llegue a los funcionarios del estado . >> el programa de comunidad seguras, deportan a 80 mil familia indocumentados . >> hay miles de niños huerfanos, por eso le pidieron a el gobernador jerry brown, que firme el acta de confianza . >> simplemente que con una firma, cambie la historia del estado, y que la policía no detenga a gente que fue convicta . >> así no entragan a la gente a inmigrantes . >> pero el gobernador puede firmar la propuesta para los que son elegibles para programa de acción diferida para tener licencia, pero el acta de confianza, va afectar a todca . >> es más importante el acto de confianza por que es más global . >> nuevos casos de virus del nilo que no da tregua, las autoridades dicen limpiar estanques, usar mangas largas. >> se informo a la comunidad latina, cómo reacionar antes alerta de la naturaleza, terremotos, huracanes, incendios, epidemias . >> esta información a veces no llega a toda la población . >> es importante que la comu
esperan que el gobernador jerry brown firme una ley que les otorgaria el beneficio de obtener licencias de conducir.--"edgardo quijano", nos dice que el mandatario solo cuenta con unas horas para aprobar ésta medida. a la espera se unen tambien algunos politicos que favorecen la ab 2189. esa medida seria el complemento del programa federal de accion diferida. y es que la licencia de conducir representa simbolicamente, para algunos, el pasaje para alcanzar sus suenos. la expectativa es que el gobernador firme la ley pero en caso de no tomar accion, es decir que tampoco la vete, la ab 2189 automaticamente pasa a ser ley, eso de acuerdo a los estatutos de california. ---y precisamente en el sur de california,Ésta tarde se realiÓ una manifestacin masiva para presionar al gobernador "jerry brown" para que firme dos propuestas de ley que tambien protegerian los derechos de los inmigrantes.---se trata de la medida conocida como "el acta de la confianza" y "la carta de los derechos de las trabajadoras del hogar".---la movilizacÓn se llev a cabo en lo que se considera el emblema de la comunida
but he did manage to tell a reporter that he would run for governor in 2014 if jerry brown is not running. it is just such a no-no for two reasons. jerry brown will certainly run for reelection barring some sort of crazy catastrophe. no. 2, it is bad form. you don't say that you are going to run for your boss is seat. just keep it set if you want your boss's job, and he went there >> did it just slipped out or did he just say it? >> he was talking to reporters and it was not as if someone overheard him. he knew what he was doing. >> another rising star is the l.a. mayor >> antonio villaraigosa was the chair and speaking of people who want to run for governor, he has made no bones about the fact that he wants to be gov. jerry brown's opponent, not opponent but will follow him whenever jerry brown has turned out. he spent four days or so wheen mayors from all over the state and as the chairman of the convention he had to boxes that were full of celebrities with mayors coming in and out and did a really good job of leveraging his position at the convention, to make relationships with people
returneddism the man who defeated jerry brown's father to win the california governor's office is honored with help from the current governor. today, jerry brown signed a bill authorizing a ronald reagan statue in the capitol. he defeated his father, pat, in 1986. today governor brown cited him for promoting health. >>> misinformation from a map. iphone users are lost. >>> we are here for a high school game of the week. the west catholic league opener for both schools that are 3-0 and something has to give. i will have a live report, coming up. >>> a double digit cool down today across most of the bay area. things are about to change, coming up, how much warming you can expect for tomorrow and when a heat watch was scheduled to begin. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and g
on jerry brown's pledge for proposition 30 that is the tax increase for public education and safety this one is very close right now survey usa shows the no votes old and is slides advantage of a huge number 29% are still undecided. the least historical a if a ballot measure that is not as 50 percent essentially around september this does have a high likelihood of success. most of these to not increase in support. >>> several other polls show that more than 50 percent of voters actually do supports raising taxes for california schools. >>> some new details about the man accused of killing inhabit the trauma and christopher lacey was killed after shooting kenyon on stream during a traffic stop on six city an alamo. the chronicle reports that lacey was commuting some 200 mi. to work as a consultant at a thai company in mountain view when he was pulled over. the companies as he was doing a fantastic job and to they were stunned by the news. a memorial service for officer young strum can be held tomorrow at the back of church. jerry brown is among the dignitaries expected to attend th
two years after this girl. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> governor jerry brown signed bills into law to help prevent child sexual abuse. it was prompted by penn state sex abuse scandal. the bill requires coaches and administrators to report suspected child abuse. california laws already requires reporting by teachers. >>> principal was arraigned on drug charges in san jose. police arrested eric dean lewis last thursday after he offered to supply drugs to a under cover officer. investigators later found methamphetamine and other drugs in his home. he did not enter a plea today. he is set to return to court on friday. >>> protesters marched twice in the past week smashing windows and spraying graffiti. they are protesting police brutality but many say they have gone too far. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco where the police chief is meeting with neighbors. david. >> reporter: that's right. right now san francisco's police chief is having the second of two town hall meetings about the officer involved shooting and the vandalism that came after it. >> reporter: re
for the future. >> the consequences of the few with governor of california jerry brown. and also we will speak to newt gingrich, and also revving up the economy, we have carlos gutierrez and carmax founder austin ligon. with e will be joined with peter baker of "the new york times" and a.b. stoddard of "the hill." this is "state of the union." jerry brown stayed home from the convention grappling with his sta state's debt. this fall the governor wants voters to approve a tax hike for the wealthy and increase in the sales tax. the outcome could have implications for spending mettles in washington and state capitals across the country. joining me is governor of california jerry brown. than dwrok you, governor, for jg us. we just got another lackluster jobs report and a lot lower of job creation than folks thought it would be, and can president obama lose this election? >> well, obviously, anybody can lose or win an election. these things are not absolutely determined, and this is a close election, but i would say that the contrast of the difference is reasonably clear. romney almost reminds me o
for the future. >> the could be sequences of tough choices with california governor jerry brown. and also we will speak to newt gingrich, and also revving up the economy, we have carlos gutierrez and carmax founder austin ligon. homestretch politics with peter baker of the "new york times" and a.b.stoddard of the "the hill." i'm candy crowley and this is "state of the union". >> democratic governor jerry brown sad out this year's convention was back home grappling with his massive state budget. a $16 billion deficit, he cutback what he didn't want. this fall the governor wants voters to approve a tax hike for the wealthy and increase in the sales tax. the outcome could have implications for spending mettles in washington and state capitals across the country. joining me is governor of california jerry brown. thank you, governor, for joining us. let's talk a little bit about where we are as a fall campaign begins. we just got another lackluster jobs report and a lot lower of job creation than folks thought it would be, and can president obama lose this election? >> well, obviously, anybody ca
it it on the app and i tunes or google play stores down load it and become a traffic spotter for juice jerry brown fires back. >> i hear by challenge governor christy. >> up next. governor throws the gauntlet as political dust takes on new strength. >> plus clint eastwood speech at the republican convention sparks a new internet craze. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center with close-up look at what you can expect this labor day holiday weekend. cool down then warm-up and how about the moon in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> got to love the blue moon. effort on to set a world speed sailing record [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. wells fargo. together we'll go far. get 3 years duinterest-free financing and save on brand-name mattress sets. ev
for governor jerry brown as he puts all of his efforts behind proposition 30, the tax increase to fund education. political reporter grace lee is here with what these new numbers have found. >> in this poll, the numbers indicate that support for the governor's tax initiative is dropping, significantly. much more so than we have seen in recent weeks which means that not only is it possible that our state could lose teachers and school days, the governor could be facing a humiliating public and political loss. >> he has staked his political reputation on proposition 30. and three weeks ago gov. jerry brown campaign for his $6 billion tax initiative at san fransisco middle school. >> we have lost, and that is no reason to punish the children of california. it is rather a reason to invest. >> california voters may be reluctant to invest in a ballot measure that would raise the sales tax by a quarter percent and increase the income tax on those making more than $250,000 per year. a new survey u.s. a poll out today found that 34 percent would vote in favor of proposition 30 we'll 36 percent
gobernador del estado de california, "jerry . >> el gobernador de california jerry brown dijo que está preparado para vivir en la austeridad si no se aprueban los recortes, dijo que los habitantes decidirán cuánto quieren pagar por su gobierno el estado se vería obligado a recortar sus gastos hasta en 6 mil millones de dólares para comenzar . >> en méxico autoridades informaron del hallazgo de 17 cadáveres, todos hombres. >> entre jalisco y michoacán . >> reportes señalan que los cuerpos fueron hallados a un lado de la carretera de tijuana, fueron ejecutados en otro lugar y después abandonados en ese sitio . >> y bien para saber ¿cómo estarán las temperaturas? pasamos con stefany severino . >> muy buenas noches les saluda stefany severino máximas n 75y 76 para auckland y san francisco . >> brisa desde la costa entre oeste y noroeste lecturas de 9 millas por hora en libermor y 20 en san francisco . >> y vemos nubosidad y condiciones inestables y secas, debido a altas presiones que dominan las condiciones meteorológicas y prometen un ligero descenso pero luego seguirán sin
ficil notificar a los empleados de su perdidad de empleo >>>jerry brown promulgo una ley que prohibe a las emnpreasas pedir datos de redes sociales a los empeladores así como las universidades y organizaciones a porulamntes >>>las pruebas forman parte de un programa piloto en torni al hanta virus virus se les pidió a los trabajadores que hiceron la prueba que no hablen con nadie >>>causa preocupacion la cantidad de peronas con vih >>>para martin no fue fácil >>>discriminación estigma y miedo a ser rechazado >>>existen cientos de otro con este dilema >>>muchos desconocen que están en peligro de vih cerca de 1.2 personas estn infectadas con el virus >>>a pesar de que pertencemos a una familai machista >>>el numero de infecciones no mkiente en cinco ciudades del país el 17% de hombres latinos gays están infectados con vih >>>aun sin la falta de una cura necesitamos llegar a quines nio tiene la información >>>siemrpe recuerden que el vih a cualquiera le puede daqr no tiene cara >>>programas de porevencion >>>a continuación después de una pausa: los gigantes de s.f. no llamaran para l
is moving very well. it will be a little while longer before the morning commute. >> jerry brown is defending his recent fitness challenge against chris christie. brown challenge christie to a 3 mi. race. >> he thinks of as warming up and throwing some red meat to the republicans. when i was running against jimmy carter >> the because i'm old- fashioned and be here. but here i am. there is some wisdom here. so i told christie ok here is the three mile race. this old retread can be as you any day of the week. christie's said that brown can have that contest with himself paired >> >> and rousing ovation for gov. jerry brown is the capital. he signed two bills designed to protect religious freedom. >> one bill would bring a big change to california textbooks. the second would protect seat and other religious groups for hour discrimination. >> lots of times their religious preferences have employees putting people in the back of the rooms. >> ivory represent the seventh day adventist who many of them lose their jobs because they are it not permitted to work on saturday. >> the
", dijeron sentirse agradecidos con la nueva ley que hoy firmo el gobernador jerry brown en la que se estipula que en esos autobuses donde se toma alcohol, vaya un chaperon adulto y que se verifiquen identificacion es de ser mayores de 21 aÑos, entre otros cambios, de lo contrario, habran multas mas severas. --la ley entra en efecto el primero de enero. . blanca --- una nueva medida que fue aprobada hoy, podria hacer mas facil y comoda.. la ida a su trabajo. cesar -- gabriela dellan desde la sala de redaccion nos tiene mas detalles.. intro -- asi es..finalmente se le dio luz verde .. a los carros que se pueden manejar sin conductor...u sted simplemente se sienta y la tecnologia de google hace el resto.. 0:09 0:31 pkg --- entre aplausos.. asi firmo el gobernador jerry brown una ley que permite la circulacion en california del carro de google que se maneja solo sot: 0:18 "it really has the power to change people's live" --- el co-fundador de la gigante de internet ... comenta que esta innovacion tecnologica.. tiene el poder de cambiar la vida de las personas... -- un cambio que han ven
with the personal insults against other people. was balking about governor jerry brown. i think most of you know i worked for jerry brown the first time he was governor, director of the office of planning and research. chris christie said jerry brown was nothing but an old retread. well jerry struck back yesterday on cnn. >> i wouldn't say it is a feud. he basically was throwing some red meat to the republicans from california, so he said i was a respread. and he was 14 when i was running against jimmy carter back in 1976. and ergo i shouldn't be here. i'm old, yeah i'll be 74 and a half next month. but here i am and there is some experience and wisdom, so i got kind of warmed up in one of my speeches and i said okay christy, i challenge you to a three-mile race -- >> saying his is overweight. >> no saying this old retread can beat you any day of the week. >> bill: and he can. last time he was in town he was staying at a mutual friends house, and he and i were going out to an event. i went to pick him up he was in the kitchen and typical he wasn't ready. he said to me bill you s
for education. so however much it brings in, most of that money will go to education. >> jerry brown's measure will raise $6 billion while proposition 38 would bring in $10 billion. they're both temporary, proposition 830 taxes will last between four and seven years and proposition 38 would last 12 years. proposition 3 is supposed to fund k through 12 as well as the uc system while proposition 38 skips higher education and gives to only preschool and k through 12. to past, the balance need more than 50 percent of the vote and is not likely, but if they both past and the one with the most votes will go into effect. onto the national election, the first votes for president have been cast. today this instead of iowa began its early voting. for the next 40 days voters can cast their ballots at county offices. early voting begins october 9th, that is when absentee ballots are mailed out. and for the third day in a row president obama and mitt romney are campaigning in the same state. the candidates spent a morning in virginia but the president promoting a plan to create jobs while mitt romney focus
trail, tom harkins. [cheers and applause] doug wilder. [cheers and applause] jerry brown. [cheers and applause] and paul tsongus. [cheers and appl
. >> and it is my honor to introduce governor jerry brown of california. i think. ok. in ibm research, one of the things we talk about is our laboratories. i have been all over the world, live in different countries. i am a relatively recent transplant to california. i would like to let the governor know that i am happy to be here. it is a good space. recently, governor brown has spent a lot of time, focus, and effort making california a better place. focus on eliminating waste, increasing efficiency, decreasing the budget deficit, and real focus that we appreciate in northern california on clean energy. for example, moving the state's goal to be 33% clean energy producing. it is my privilege to welcome governor brown to the panel. [applause] >> and to introduce our next panelist, i would like to welcome steve ballmer, senior bp -- vp. >> good morning and thank you. next up is governor hickel lipper -- hickenlooper. he is the serieaal a entreprener each of you have in your respective parts. he became very successful in the brew pub business. he never had a single election not even for stin
birth control drugs it could be a nurse instead of a doctor during women think governor jerry brown with a round of applause he signs into law a bill to increase women's access to birth control the event celebrated by planned parenthood the planned at 2 million people to metical half of them women. >>> generally what will be available to women now >>> planned parenthood says the new law has other benefits for women's health >>> a great way to get folks into the health center not only will they get access to birth control we can have an education time with them to counsel them with other options and safer sex options >>> the new law eases the demand on primary health providers to about nurses to dispense devices like shots and rings >>> it is tough and ukiah and clear lake and the northern communities alive your health care providers we can have nurses staff and those folks will have access to birth control >>> she calls the new law common sense >>> we know 98 percent of sexually active women will use birth control this is basic health care when and spent 30 years of their life tryin
al ladron . >> en los Ángeles, el gobernador jerry brown, firmo una ley que permite e las enfermeras registradas y parteras den anticonceptivos . >> el trasbordador endeavour, llegara pronto a casa el 12 de octubre, en su camino final al museo lo hará a dos millas por hora . >> edin piolin, sotelo, a traves de la recaudacion de teléfonos celular, ayuda a víctima de secuestros, se restauraran o reciclaran . >> nosotros sabemos que la violencia doméstica no tiene nada bueno, esta organización es importante para que usted tenga ayuda . >> este dinero es para organizaciones que luchan por la violencia doméstica . >> la marina mexicano, detecto cargamento de 30 toneladas, de químicos para drogas de panama a sinaloa . >> es momento de ver comedalla estarán las temperaturas . >> stephanie severino. >> que tal muy buenas noches. vmaos a ver las condiciones en nuestro primer día de otoño, a las 7:47 en el equinoccio de otoño. >> nosotros cerca de la bahía, un día cómo hoy con 73, la brisa de 6 millas por hora, hasta 15 millas por hora para san francisco del noreste, y en la tard
evitar accidnetes comno los del hombre que perdió la vida. >> el g0bernadr jerry brown aprbó estos vehiculos y la calidad de vida de los discapacitados. >> aumentan los casos en los que los empleadores llaman al programa para deportar a los inmigrantes. >> la detección y deportación a través del programa se ha convertido en un arma contra inmigrantes. >> en marzo de este año ytrabajo más de 10 horas y cuando le pidio el pago terminó en la carcel. >> le pedi mi pago y mintió a la policía. >> sterminó en un proceso de deportación, mi problema lo pasaron al programa de deportación. >> el gobernador brown si firma el acata de confianza, el panorama cambia. >> tenemos un programa que aplica antes de ser ocupable. >> espera que la mentira de un patrón no nterminen con los sueños del hombre. >> el gobierno tiene hasta el 30 de spetiembre para decidir el acata de confianza, que sea usado pero no abusado. >> en cuestión de semanas oakland le daría identificaciones a las personas que vivan en la ciudad, sin importar si son o no inmigrantes. >> es porque hay mucha desconfianz
gobernador jerry brown, denunciaron el abuso del que son víctimas con sus empleadores. >> la señora blanca vendía paletas cuando la detuvieron. >> ¿cuál es su delito?. >> solo vender paletas. >> fue entregada a inmigración y ahora enfrenta un proceso de inmigración. >> esta otra señora dijo que ha vivido en carne propia abusos de sus empleador. >> no nos dejan cocinar los alimentos y son muchos los abusos cuando trabajanmos en casa. >> son muchas las personas que están protestando, la policía colabora con la deportación. >> y también la quedaría derechos a las empleadas domésticas. >> todos tienen protecciones en california, como no ser abusadas por los patrones pero las trabajadoras de casas son excluidas. >> solo tiene hasta mañana en la media noche para vetar esto. >> si la ignora, si decida no firmar o betar, ambas leyes se convertirían en ley. >> por eso llegaron unas dos decenas de personas que se han hecho famosas con su mensaje "sin papeles sin miedo". >> salgan y pidasn su derechos que acá tenemos derechos como seres humanos. >> comenzó el segundo carmagedon en l
party is a non-entity in california. dead. gone. jerry brown and the democrats will rule no matter what. one of the leaders of the republican parties and california will join us. even chris christie agrees with us. >> california made a bad choice. let me tell you this, i cannot believe you elected jerry brown. stuart: more breaking news coming thick and fast. another embassy under attack. a reuters reporter says he hears gunfire at the u.s. embassy in sudan. they also say protesters have set fire to trees, broken windows inside the u.s. embassy in tunis. moment to moment, we bring you the developments. something totally different. californians remain on fantasy island. the state has a floating deficit. voters continue to vote for pratt. here is chris christie again on that one. >> jerry brown? jerry brown? he won over jimmy carter when i was 14 years old. [laughter] now i have to sit at the national governors association with this guy and have him come up to me, stop telling people i am trying to raise taxes. yes, you are. no, chris, i am not. i am going to put it on the ballot and let
en california esÁ en manos del gobernador "jerry brown".---la asamblea estatal aproÓ anoche la medida "ab 21 89", la cual beneficiaÍa a cerca de 400-mil Óvenes soÑadores. ---la legislacÓn autoriza que el departamento de veÍculos motorizados acepte el permiso de trabajo otorgado a traÉs de la accÓn diferida como documento Á lido para solicitar un carnet de conducir en el estado. jessica farb / abogada de inmigracÓn >> más que nada es un derecho para ellos, pero es un deber para toda la r de la medida, "gil cedillo" afirÓ sentirse optimista de que la promulgará, ya que previamente firÓ dos medidas que favorecen a los estudiantes indocumentados. ---por cierto, muchos jóvenes ya llenaron los formularios y juntaron el dinero para tramitar la accÓn diferida, pero esÁn esperando que pase la elección presidencial antes de enviar la solicitud. ---julio Ésar ortiz nos habla de cÁles son las consecuencias de retrasar esta oportunidad que miles de soÑadores haÍan esperado por varios aÑos. comunidad tener seguridad . >> por entro llevan una solicitud lista pero no la han mand
. there will be a motor came procession to the vacaville church. among the dignitaries expected, governor jerry brown. we will stream this live on and it will also be on our mobile and tablet apps. >> we do have a free app if you didn't know that. >>> time now 6:08 let's go back to sal to check in on traffic. >> all right, dave, pam, if you are busy in all areas of the bay, it is getting busier, westbound is getting busier. not the fast track lanes. there is a stalled struck near the 880 split and hopefully that will be gone soon. let's look at the commute in oakland, traffic looks good here with no major problems getting through the downtown oakland area. i want to mention menlo park, palo alto area, a little bit of slow traffic. that fire we have been covering, it is now becoming a little lighter and the smoke is riding -- rising and it's having an affect and definitely people are slowing down in that area. let's go to steve. >>> thank you sal. looks like a nice weather pattern and temperatures are cool for all. up in the sierra, like that it is gone and just a few high clouds, warmer cond
says the state's fiscal crisis needs to be fixed.. "jerry brown who is a registered democrat and is usually a friend of labor has made the hard decisions, has made the cuts on my back and on the backs of my workers. knowing that if we don't do it now we're going to have to do it twice as much later."" the howard jarvis group is urging c-s-u chancellor charles reed to stop using public funding to promote prop 30. pedro garcia is live on campus with how proposition 30 could effect students who want to become teachers. there are some 2000 students here at san jose state in the educational department studying to become teachers. we talked to one of those students about what prop 30 means to her. ">>>rachel weisser says she has always had a passion to help children. currently a student in the teaching credential program at sjsu, becoming a teacher is something weisser envisions herself doing. rachel weisser:" "i love to see how kids think they will give me an answer and i'll be like man how did you come up with that and it's kinda cool it's definitely fun." proposition 30 could he
. jerry brown propose this went from eight in the race to second place. he would have run if he did not name jesse jackson as the running mate. the democrats started it. lou: i meant. [laughter] that jerry brown went on that way word path. >> you never know about jerry. lou: there is the problem. >> we do know about this president but we don't know about governor romney. shame on his staff. he is then with than wonder two points of the ed dead heat. should he start talking about leadership or focus on the economy? >> he should not be apologetic. tax cuts come up broaden the base, all of them, everybody pay my tax rate, i get the economy going, i want everyone to make what i did. the obama rate is the same as mitt romney. the problem is jobs and output and if you need more investment. lou: do you think everybody is prepared to be adults? governor romney, the republicans and democrats to talk about what it means the business practices followed, over $1 trillion. absolutely withdrawn because these are agnostic these companies are american corporations. they're absolutely destructive to
the high court is about to take up that will directly impact california. >> and governor jerry brown makes a decision on a bill drafted in response to b.a.r.t.'s decision last year to cut cell phone reception during a protest. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >>> crews in san jose are working to reopen a road that was closed down early this morning when a driver hit a pole knocking down several power lines. the accident happened around 1:30 a.m. near the interception of almendinger expressway. it appears the 18-year-old driver fell asleep at the wheel. she suffered nonlife threatening injuries. thousands of people lost power ove
that he is going to run for governor in 2014. lt. gov.- gavin new son.. that if governor jerry brown does not running and he added that there is no indication that jerry brown will not seek reelection. and follow me on twitter for the entire story. >> amazon ran a commercial last night showing the possibility of the next generation of kindles. last night, it was reported that in the sun was going to provide a seven-inch with a provider hofthat had paid hdmi port and larger capacity storage. >> hackers are claims are being denied. posted on this week on an on-line post the from an anonymous posting. the fbi said that the was no evidence indicating that the laptop is compromised. apple said that it did not provide user information. >> yelp is helping new customers that favorable reviews translating for more customers. just a one store increase is a 19 percent likelihood that the seats will increase with a just one half storstoar... rating. >> the smart phone wars are heating up. microsoft and nokia showing the windows eight smart phone. with the windows smart phone is poised to compete with
hour, governor jerry brown is heading to google headquarters in mountain view. governor brown plans to sign the recently passed google robot car bill. the bill allows the self- driving cars to be tested on state roads. it also outlines rules and standards for the cars. this makes california the second state to allow the driverless cars on the road, nevada approved it in february. and tesla says it plans to build a network of charging stations across california to accommodate its electric sedan. the california-based car company unveiled the network. tesla says there are currently six locations with plans to build 100 more. the company says they can provide 150 miles of additional range of a 30-minute charge but they are not compatible with other electric cars. >>> you may have noticed what looked like an incredible bright moon. it was not real. a light was placed on treasure island to create the look of moonlight to film "the internship" starring vince vaughn and owen wilson. >>> tonight at 5:00, more on the controversy call from the game yesterday. it turns out one of the referees i
and bill clinton did, really and what jerry brown ran on in 1992 was the 13% plan. it would work wonders for this economy, it would provide prosperity for all groups, old, young, rich, poor, male, female, black, white. it's a -- it's a no discrimination job provider. stuart: it would raise the deficit in the short run. wouldn't it? i mean-- >> no. stuart: no? not even in the short run? >> no. you get all the rich people who awed of a sudden would pay taxes instead of hiring lawyers to find the loopholes, this thing would take off like a jack rabbit. stuart. would maybe satake time to implement a tax. lose revenues like we did in '81 and '82 once the tax cut took effects. once it does, this place goes crazy. it's amazing to me how tax cuts don't work until they take effect then they work like mad. stuart: do you think we could get 7% growth in a calendar year in this country as we did in the very early 1980's? do you think we could do that? >> yes of course, easier than back then. because i think that obama has hurt the economy a lot more than jimmy carter did. i mean, you really had a ho
. >> ama: governor jerry brown is defending his recent fitness challenge against chris christie. at the front of the national convention, christie called brown an old retread. so brown challenged kris kris today. brown said it wasn't an attack against christie's weight but a way to show that at 74 he's not over the hill. >> so i was warmed up from one of my runs and i said, okay, christie issue challenge you to a three mile race, try some chinups. >> saying he is overweight? >> no, this old re-tread can beat you any day of the week. >> kris kris responded telling reporters can have the contest with himself. >> alan: there was one more honor for the petaluma little league sister-in-law team -- all-star team and pizza and giants. the team signed at graphs and posed for pictures. one player said today was almost better than being in the championship game. >> having a pizza party with matt cain. most people would dream about this. >> meeting him in person was cool. >> did i give any pitching tips? no, probably learning from these kids. >> alan: matt cain had to leave early to get to
that we're continuing to operate with the investigation agency. >> and there is governor jerry brown signed several bills into law including three addressing a deadly pipeline explosion from two years ago. the bills sponsored from assemblyman jerry hill saying they put the public utilities commission on notice they must improve overnight. first requires utilities commissioned to adopt safety regulations. and other two give more power regulate bonuses at utility companies. >> hundreds of workers rallied for bill of rights today outside of the state capitol. housekeepers and nannies delivered a petition with 25,000 signatures and urging them thoim sign a measure providing them with basics such as overtime and meal breaks this makes it so all domestic workers if you're caring for elderly or peoples' children they're able to have the rights you that need. >> governor brown has 10 days to sign that legislation or let it die. >> and one of the bills signed allows californians to register to vote on election day. abc 7 news joins us to talk about the taus of that as well as terms. >> suppor
. >>> california governor jerry brown is set to attend tomorrow's funeral for chp officer kenyon youngstrom. it will be at the mission church in vacaville. officers escorted youngstrom's body to a morgue. since there is not enough room for the public to attend the service, we will be streaming the funeral live at the online coverage starts at 10 a.m. tomorrow. >>> the 49th annual ren know air races roared back into the skies today, one year of a plane slammed into the ground, killing 11 people. this year, concrete barriers are in place between the racers and the spectators. spectators said even with these changes, the race is still great. >> i still get goose bumps. >> the first full day of racing is tomorrow. it will include a tribute to the victims and first responders of last year's plane crash. >>> people in san francisco could soon have a new way to get around the city. the san francisco port commission just approved plans for a water taxi. it would shuttle passengers between the marina. tickets are expected to start at $10 per person. >>> officials in contra costa county
was herd. >>> governor jerry brown presented the medal of valor to 62-year-old william molcane. he responded to a fire in chinatown on new year's day 2011. he rescued an elderly couple. firefighters then lowered them to safety from the neighboring building. >>> the federal reserve today announced aggressive actions to try to speed economic growth here in the u.s. the fed says it will spend $40 billion a month to buy mortgage-backed securities from large wall street banks, freeing up money to make loans. bernanke says it should keep interest rates low and stimulate hiring. >> we make our decisions based entirely on the state of the economy and the needs of the economy for a policy accommodation. >> the fed says its last round created more than two million jobs but analysts predicted that the fed action would add a few tenths of a percent to economic growth at most. >>> the dow industrial gained 206 points. that is the highest close since december of 2007. the nasdaq gained 41, a 1.3% increase. >>> weekly jobless claims rose in part of hurricane isaac. applications climbed 15,000 to
he plans to vote for the president. one more note california gov. jerry brown and new jersey gov. chris christie trade barbs after the republican national convention christie referred to the california governor as a retread brown renewed his challenge to christie a 3 mi. race as well as a chin up and push up contest. >>> here i am there is some experience hopefully wisdom, i've warmed up in one of my speech as i said ok christie at challenge you to a 3 mi. race and genetics >>> so you're saying he's overweight >>> it says this old retread can beat you any day of the week. >>> christie responded telling reporters at a news conference brown can have that contest with himself. >>> if they helicopter got shot down with the body we'd put one helicopter to have that photos >>> for the first time a firsthand account of the raid that killed osama bin laden's. it started as a trend where more and more children show up without having their recommended vaccinations. >>> in whether things are warming up ,,,, >>> instantly the stuff of legend the daring raid by navy seals that killed the most
out with a doctor or a nurse. governor jerry brown has a month to sign it or veto it. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> they celebrated the grand opening of a new shared laboratory. it is a shared lab for start up companies. they offer new companies access to other companies. >> combination of both being in the center of where basic sciences are and in a environment where you can interact with people that this is the prime area. >> they will be able to accommodate 4-6 companies. >>> hewlett-packard plans to cut more jobs. the company filed paper work today stating it will get rid of 29,000 jobs over the next two years which is 2,000 more than it first announced in may. hewlett-packard expects some of the job cuts will come through attrition. >>> a warmer day today. numbers into the upper 80s and low 90s. monday started off nice, and cool too. fog along the coast. picking up the fog through the golden gate bridge. temperatures this week remain warm. that mips you will have -- means you will have dense fog. tomorrow morning, heading up the coast, golden gate bridge, great highwa
yesterday at a cemetery in dickson. nearly 4,000 mourners including governor jerry brown and attorney general pamela harris paid their respects during the two-hour service for the 37-year-old officer. youngstrom died after being shot last week during a traffic stop on interstate 680. he is survived by his wife and four children. his teenage son also spoke at the service. if you would like to help the family go to any bay area branch of wflg or mechanics branch and ask to contribute to their memorial fund. >> kristen: they are bracing for possible more violent protests in the muslim world following friday weekly prayers today. angry demonstrations against an anti-islam film continue in egypt. this is within the past couple of hours, with protestors facing off egyptian forces. meanwhile, this is what was left of the consulate in libya after it was attacked by militants on tuesday night. an attack that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans there. the libyan government announced it has arrested several militants it believes was responsible for the attack and more on the mid
picture from inside with an estimated 5,000 people here. law enforcement and friends, governor jerry brown, attorney general pamela harris here. of course his family, wife, children. the chp commissioner told kenyon youngstrom's children that they should be proud of their father and the life he led. his four brothers, even his young son among the speakers waiting to hear from them. but first, here's the division chief. >> for me personally, i haven't been able to figure out how my heart could be so broken and so full at the same time. we've had such a difficult time this last week and a half in the golden gate division. it's been tough. >> reporter: the line of officers coming to pay their respects started hours before the service. this trooper brought a gift, a badge from his home state, idaho. >> idaho is far. we come to honor the chp officer killed in the line of duty. >> reporter: locals from oakland all the way to texas and beyond with flashing lights for miles at the mission church in vacaville. a flag gateway greeted families a friends like this officer who worked with youngstrom in
the church, including governor jerry brown and attorney general harris. both did not seek. one of the tributes came from his partner, officer carlton whork was there when youngstorm was murdered last week. he killed the gunman who had just ambushed his partner. >> i know you can hear me. and i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me. and i look forward to seeing you again, brother. >> he received a standing ovation. >> god bless his partner, he took care of business. you know his heart had to be broken. and what a young man. you know? i mean to speak at your father's funeral. >> he displayed a true character, honor and commitment required to make a difference. he made his lasting impression. >> the morning began with a motorcade in st. helena. and there is traffic stopped as firefighters and others paused to salute. it was slower as it left the mission church surrounded by hundreds of police from around the country and a few used to wear the chp badge. >> so proud to be a member of something like this. and to show such respect for a fallen of
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